AsiaInfo's Second Honor: AsiaInfo 5G Products Won the "5G Innovation Pioneer Award"

2019-06-28 AsiaInfo

During the MWC Shanghai 2019, AsiaInfo's (01675.HK) 5G blockbuster "5G intelligent perception and experience management end-to-end solution" stood out from a shortlist of products and solutions, and won "5G Intelligent Perception and Experience Management Innovation Award" of the "2019 5G Innovative Pioneer Awards" sponsored by the People's Posts and Telecommunications News.


Through the AI technology and machine learning algorithms, AsiaInfo "5G intelligent perception and experience management end-to-end solution" can establish a quantitative relationship between various indicator parameters, quality of service (QoS) and the user's psychological experience and perception, which then can be used as a barometer to measure the quality of 5G ecosystems and related industries. Through the ECS (Emotional Connection Score), it can truly approximate and reflect the user's instantaneous perception experience in the 5G network application scenarios, thus guiding the use cases in the 5G ecosystem and industry to achieve targeted improvement and improvement.


The experts and judges from the People’s Posts and Telecommunications News believed that "this solution supports the end-to-end management of customer experience in the integration of business domain and network domain, and the advantages are outstanding. Each vertical well of the network domain and the business domain can be connected to provide full lifecycle experience management for customer journeys across network domains and business domains; Enhance customer loyalty through improving the customer experience in the vertical industry, thereby increase profits and achieve differentiation; improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of 5G network, 5G industry/enterprise slice, and reduce the operation and maintenance costs."