AIF and Lenovo ThinkCloud OS of AISWare PaaS Platform Complete Integration Testing

2019-05-24 AsiaInfo

Recently,the integration test of AIF (AsiaInfo Infrastructure Foundations), the PaaS platform of AsiaInfo (01675.HK), and ThinkCloud OS, the cloud platform in the cloud network convergence product line of Lenovo (00992.HK), was successfully completed, marking a significant milestone for the two companies to jointly build solutions to 5G network virtualization for telecom operators and digital convergence for vertical industry. Based on the integration of “AIF + ThinkCloud OS”, the two companies verified the full lifecycle management of flexible computing resources, the unified scheduling of business and computing resources, and typical scenarios such as online uninterrupted capacity expansion and contraction of applications in the 15-day closed test. The test results showed the good technical compatibility between AIF and ThinkCloud OS as well as the stable continuous operation of the two platforms.

Distributed, componentized and cloudified PaaS platform-AIF

AIF is a distributed, componentized and cloudified PaaS platform of AsiaInfo. With the concept of “big platform, small architecture, lightweight application”, AIF is designed to help enterprises to quickly build agile and flexible business systems at low cost with the platform services such as unified and convenient micro-service development and deployment frameworks of enterprise applications, general IT technical components and flexible computing resource management. Since its launch, AIF has served nearly forty large and medium-sized customers such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Post, and Gehua CATV Network.

ThinkCloud OS

ThinkCloud OS is a cloud computing platform developed by Lenovo based on OpenStack. The standard and high-performance versions of it satisfy the differentiated needs of the enterprise market and the telecom operator market. It can provide scenario-based cloud platform solutions for telecom operators, enterprises, governments, medical institutions, educational institutions, industrial parks, smart cities, etc. Since the launch of ThinkCloud OS, more than 50 deployment cases have been completed.

This integration test further strengthens the close cooperation between AsiaInfo and Lenovo in technology and investment. With AIF and ThinkCloud OS making their respective advantages complementary to each other, AsiaInfo and Lenovo will jointly create sustainable, agile, flexible and converged digital infrastructure solutions for telecom operators and industry customers.