China Unicom IoT and AsiaInfo sign a strategic cooperation agreement

2019-03-15 AsiaInfo

On March 14, China Unicom IoT Co., Ltd. and AsiaInfo held the signing ceremony for entering Smart Health Strategic Cooperation & Innovation Center in Nanjing.



The signing of cooperation agreement has clarified that both sides will carry out in-depth cooperation over smart health. IoT, AI, intelligent monitoring terminals, health management platform and other technologies will be used for civil bureaus, elderly care institutions and healthcare real estate sector to grow smart health business.

On the basis of healthcare technology and traditional business model of both sides, they will explore a service-oriented innovative business model for market development, establish IoT+cloud computing platforms and technical standards and build a healthcare ecosystem.

In addition, AsiaInfo’s smart health team has joined China Unicom IoT Innovation Acceleration Center. Both sides will work together to continuously develop new health products, solutions and business models and boost their capability in smart health field.