AsiaInfo CTO Dr. Ye Ouyang Wins the TMF “Future Digital Leader Award” PGA Market Brand Department

2019-05-16 AsiaInfo

At the local time of 6:30 pm on May 13th, the 2019 TMF Digital Transformation World summit was grandly opened in Nice, France. TMF named the winners of the Excellence Awards of the year. Dr. Ye Ouyang, CTO and Vice President of AsiaInfo, stood out among numerous candidates from operators and equipment manufacturers around the world and won the TMF “Future Digital Leader Award” in 2019.



Dr. Ye Ouyang (right), CTO of AsiaInfo, receives the award

The presentation of the annual Excellence Awards is the most important part of the TMF Digital Transformation World summit to recognize the innovative achievements of leading global companies and individuals in digital transformation, business & IT agility, customer-oriented cross-industry cooperation & collaboration, as well as product & service innovation. These awards include the Future Digital Leader Award, the Operational Transformation & Agility Award, the Network Transformation Award, the Annual CIO Award, the Digital Service Annual Innovator Awards and other authoritative awards. The TMF Excellence Awards are known for their objectivity, fairness and conscientiousness, representing the highest achievements and influence in the telecommunications industry.


Candidates of the “Future Digital Leader Award” are voted and scored by a review committee composed of senior executives in the global telecommunication industry, and each year only one winner is selected from all the leaders under the age of 40 in the telecommunication and IT industries. This award is to honor the leaders in the global telecommunications and IT industries who have always been standing at the forefront of innovation due to their technical competence and leadership and have made extraordinary achievements in helping their companies transforming technological capabilities into business drivers.


After such procedures as primary selection, nomination and pre-selection, other candidates in the list of final selection of the 2019 “Future Digital Leader Award” were: Shawn Mandel, Chief Technology Officer of Telus Group, Canada's largest telecommunication operator; Sunny Nirala, Big Data Director of Celcom Group, Malaysia's largest telecommunication operator; Caroline Roy, Vice President of Canadian telecommunication operator Fizz, and Andrea Reichstein, R&D President of Galileo Software, an Irish software company. All of the candidates in the list had very good industry background, so the competition was really fierce. The chairman and judges of the TMF Review Committee were senior executives from BT, Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Globe Telecom, Ovum and other telecommunications companies.


AsiaInfo CTO Dr. Ye Ouyang is interviewed by the British/French media 

Dr. Ye Ouyang, the winner of the 2019 TMF “Future Digital Leader Award”, served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of AsiaInfo Holdings Co., Ltd., and he is also the chairman of the AsiaInfo Technology Committee and head of the R&D center, responsible for the research, development and innovation of the Group's products and technologies.


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