AsiaInfo and Its CEO Nianshu Gao Win Awards of the Communication Industry Respectively

2019-05-09 AsiaInfo

Recently, under the guidance of the China Association of Communications Enterprises and Guangdong Provincial Communications Administration, the “2019 Advanced Seminar on China's Communication Network Operation and Maintenance Service” jointly sponsored by the Communication Network Operation Professional Committee of the China Association of Communications Enterprises and the Guangdong Communication Industry Association was successfully completed in Guangzhou.


On the recommendation of the provincial, prefectural and municipal branches of the operators or communication industry associations, and after reviewed by industry experts, evaluated by the expert committee and publicized to the society, the relevant group and individual winners have been selected. AsiaInfo participated in the seminar and won the honor of “Advanced Unit for Communication Network Maintenance Service Support in 2018-2019”. AsiaInfo CEO Nianshu Gao won the title of “Leading Figure of Communication Network Maintenance Service in 2018-2019”.


AsiaInfo CEO Nianshu Gao wins the title of “Leading Figure of Communication Network Maintenance Service in 2018-2019”


AsiaInfo wins the honor of “Advanced Unit”


Awards scene

In today's information society where the iteration of communication technologies is accelerating, new applications are emerging one after another and new business models are being upgraded, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, telematics, big data, cloud computing, etc. will be deeply involved in various industries, especially in the 5G environment, which will promote the economic development and social changes and create a new era of “Internet of Everything”.

As one of the basic elements of the new era, the development and transformation of information communication is becoming more and more urgent. Intelligent communication infrastructure, instantaneous and efficient transmission rate, flexible and intelligent resource allocation, and safe and stable network environment are the basic demands of the new era. In response to the above demands, the participants in the seminar, focusing on the theme of operation and maintenance reforms and innovative services, discussed the new challenges of network operation and maintenance services, explored new opportunities for industry development, doing a good job in building the capacity, improving service quality and strengthening the driving force of development for the 5G era.


As a high-profile event in the field of domestic communication network maintenance services, hundreds of leaders, representatives and industry experts from relevant government departments, three major telecommunication operators, base station or tower operators, maintenance service companies, planning and design institutes, hardware product suppliers and think tanks and advisory bodies were invited to attend the seminar.