Strategic Cooperation between AsiaInfo and Baidu to Expand Business in New Technology

2018-06-27 Asiainfo

The Mobile World Conference Shanghai 2018 was held on June 27 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. AsiaInfo, as the leader in China's telecom software product and related service market, appeared at the exhibition with its operational innovation practices in the fields of Internet of Vehicles (IoV), smart community, smart retail, smart public service and other fields. Tian Suning, Chairman of AsiaInfo Group, was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the forum of “A Better Future with Internet Technology”, and Wang Qinglin, Deputy General Manager of AsiaInfo Operations Division, was invited to give the keynote speech at the forum of “Future Automotive Summit”.


A practitioner of the deep application of emerging technologies in business scenarios

Based on its deep insight into the telecommunication industry and rich experience accumulation, AsiaInfo has deeply integrated artificial intelligence, IoT, big data and other technologies into business scenarios of operator and vertical industry clients and explored many new modes of smart operation to help clients realize the update and transformation of traditional business and continuously create new business value for clients.

With the theme of “Enabling Smart Operation and Helping Digital Transformation”, AsiaInfo fully exhibited its smart operation practice, especially its smart retail capability system based on the image recognition technology and robot learning platform, providing whole-process support for the supply and marketing management and accurate operation of operators and cooperative enterprises, helping clients realize an Internet-based sales mode and creating a new retail ecosystem. It also fully exhibited its IoV ecological operation platform, bringing “open, easy to connect, easy to use, easy to manage, cloud-based and safe” IoV access to telecom operators, automobile manufacturers, 4S stores and other IoV related enterprises and helping enterprises transform from traditional manufacturers into IoV ecological operators.

Wang Qinglin, Deputy General Manager of AsiaInfo Operations Division, says that AsiaInfo will build a one-stop platform for future automobiles, with which it can realize the quick interconnection among auto enterprises, car owners and IoV. By integrating the vehicle data and the personal data of the owners in the future, it will provide tailored, individualized and convenient service for automobile users, enabling clients to gain strong power in ecological operation of intelligent IoV and helping realize intelligent life.

Enabler of digital transformation

With the in-depth development of digitalization, AsiaInfo, as an architect to bring Internet into China, is making every effort to enable digital transformation and continuously create new value for clients based on its own capability in product, service, operation and integration.

Tian Suning, Chairman of AsiaInfo Group, says that the next 20 years will be the industrial networking era and 5G technology is born for it. At that time, all industries will be connected by the new network, and enterprises will connect customers through products and become customer operators. AsiaInfo will apply its over 20 years’ experience and constantly innovative technologies in the telecom operator industry to other industries so as to help clients realize digital transformation.

AsiaInfo AIDO, a DevOps platform exhibited at the Expo, provides a full set of tools from requirements, development, testing, delivery and operation for operators and bank clients. By establishing standard and perfect software delivery system and improving the quality and efficiency of software delivery, it will help clients respond quickly to market demands, turn productivity into operation capability and support the business transformation and digital operations of clients with high-quality fast delivery capacity.

At present, AsiaInfo’s smart operation business has penetrated into many fields, and it has established a complete set of product system based on AISWare system, including big data, cloud-based billing, new customer relationship management system, etc., to support the development of smart operation. In the future, AsiaInfo will continue to focus on its clients and apply cutting-edge technologies to the business scenarios in different industries, so as to solve clients’ pain points, continuously creating value for clients and promoting the in-depth development of digitalization in China.