Software Products and Related Services

Software Products and Related Services We offer a comprehensive portfolio of mission-critical, carrier-grade software products to telecom operators and enterprises, especially large enterprises, in China. Our product portfolio currently consists of over 500 software products, ranging from CRM, charging & billing and big data products to IoT and intelligent network products. These products are designed to automate, streamline and improve the legacy business and operation infrastructure of telecom operators in China to achieve enhanced business agility, efficiency and productivity while optimizing costs.

Deployment Services Our software products are deployed using an on-premise, project-based delivery model, and are accompanied by our end-to-end, professional deployment services.

Operation and Maintenance Services We provide ongoing operation and maintenance services to ensure the stable functioning of the installed system

Case analysis of software products and related services

The following table sets forth examples of projects deploying our software products and related services:

Name of project Project description
Integrated CRM system for China Mobile Online Service Limited China Mobile’s integrated BSS/OSS system with nationwide coverage
Supports the operations of China Mobile’s 10086 customer service hotline for 31 provinces and certain dedicated consoles
Features customer services products from our CRM product line
Open e-commerce platform for China Mobile Jiangxi China Mobile’s first system that enables integration of online andoffline sales channels
A landmark project for the new generation of telecom operators’ e-commerce business
Enables unified sales and marketing and supply chain,inventory and order management across online and offline channels
Features e-channel products from our CRM product line
Internet of Vehicles T platform for China Mobile’s Government and Enterprise Branch One of the largest Internet of Vehicles platforms in China in terms of the number of smart terminals supported
Delivers core Internet of Vehicle capabilities such as unified data,device and operation management, collection of massive data bysmart terminals and big data analytics
Features our IoT products
Precision marketing platform for China Unicom Guangdong China Unicom Guangdong’s first precision marketing platform which is highly recognized by China Unicom Guangdong
Enables telecom operators to conduct precision marketing
Convenient text message ordering and one-click purchase enhances user experience
Features campaign management products from our CRM product line
Online and offline integration for China Unicom Shanxi China Unicom’s first system that enables integrated order and payment management across online and offline channels
Features channel management products from our CRM product line
Intelligent CRM system for China Mobile The first system implemented according to China Telecom’s intelligent BSS technical standards
Enables emerging technologies such as big data analytics
Features fundamental CRM products from our CRM product line
Cloud-based billing system for China Telecom Sichuan The first cloud-based billing system for China Telecom’s provincial companies
Convergent billing system that supports universal management of all online and offline billing services
Features fundamental billing products from our charging & billing product line
CRM system for China Post One of the largest and most sophisticated CRM systems in the industry
Enables integrated management and support of customers, products,channels, sales and marketing and big data analytics across multiple industries, including postal, logistics and financial services
Features fundamental CRM products from our CRM product line

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