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Jin Tianshun: AsiaInfo Created Differentiated Advantage for Its DevOps Products with Four Characteristics 2018-06-29

It is reported that AsiaInfo’s DevOps products have been widely used by operators and in finance, insurance, express and other industries.

AsiaInfo Attends 2018 MWC Shanghai: Smart Connection Era Calls for Smart Operation 2018-06-27

AsiaInfo takes smart operation as the key to combine network, terminal, connectivity, perception and data, and thus creating a greater value. In the smart connection era, smart operation will inevitably expand to the enterprise market, that is, orientation to internal and external operations of different enterprises.

5G, From Web Traffic to Value Realization 2019-07-01

"4G changes life, but 5G changes society," this is the opinion expressed by AsiaInfo CEO Gao Nianshu in an interview with the author. In his view, the value of 4G is more prominent in the C-end, and in the 5G era, the value is embodied not only in To C but also To B, especially for the liberation and improvement of enterprises' productivity, the potential of 5G is enormous.

Commercial 5G Network is Coming: How Will AsiaInfo Empower Carriers and Vertical Industries 2019-06-28

"4G changes the life and 5G changes the society," Gao Nianshu, executive director and CEO of AsiaInfo, answered this question in one sentence.

AsiaInfo CEO Gao Nianshu: Three "Global" Drives Help Carriers with 5G Evolution 2019-06-27

AsiaInfo has created a 5G network and service support capabilities of "global virtualization, global intelligence, and global perceptibility", which can help carriers build an open and collaborative 5G ecosystem, and lay a solid network foundation for the future 5G empowerment in all walks of life.

A Carrier’s Network Should Look Like This in the 5G Era 2019-06-27

These three keywords, and six new products, represent the direction and thinking of this China's number one and the world's second-largest telecom software company, facing the 5G era.

AsiaInfo: Promote Transformation of 5G Network from "Web Traffic" to "Value" 2019-06-26

As China's leading telecom software and information service provider, AsiaInfo Technologies Limited has attracted significant attention in the industry to its deployment of 5G network. Recently, a 5G strategy and series product launch held by AsiaInfo gave the answer.

With the Strategy of Three "Global Drives", AsiaInfo's Full Range of Products Empower 5G Network 2019-06-25

​On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G licenses to four carriers including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television. This means that the time for commercial 5G in China is moved up from 2020 to 2019, half a year ahead of the time estimated by the market.

[Observation] Enabling digital transformation of radio & TV industry: AsiaInfo's connotation and value release 2019-03-25

Enabling intelligent operation and facilitating media convergence. AsiaInfo Technology has become the strongest "enabler" in the digital transformation of the radio and television industry. It also leads and drives the new direction of the future development of the radio and television industry in terms of new technologies, new models and new formats.

Analysis of AsiaInfo’s technology of facial recognition for intelligent access control 2019-03-11

Based on AISWare AI², AsiaInfo Technology is developed by Object and Pattern Recognition Group of Communication Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It trains with self-optimization method, bringing people a new intelligent experience.

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