Veris CEC

The Veris Customer Engagement Center (CEC) is a Complex Event Processing and engagement orchestration engine that enables operators to effect right-time customer engagement based on real-time awareness of the full status and context of the customer. Having complete visibility of what the customer is experiencing right now (generated from real-time network and usage data across multiple disparate systems and historic business insights) enables operators to act fast and trigger the right engagement and policy changes for each individual customer, providing a truly personalized experience.

Veris CEC takes events from multiple network sources and business support systems and filters these based on pre-defined aggregation and filtering rules. Where appropriate, event filters can be provisioned in the source system thus ensuring only relevant data is analyzed and processed by CEC enabling a more efficient and ultimately more cost effective streaming analytics solution. 

When combined with sliding window analytics these aggregated business events can be used to drive sophisticated engagement scenarios with orchestration across multiple systems and delivery channels. Drag and drop interaction logic and real-time engagement visualization ensure simple and efficient business process fulfillment. Millisecond responses ensure first time, right-time engagement.





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"Veris CEC has already been deployed successfully by China Mobile; one application of CEC is to delay sending marketing campaigns to pre-paid customers until they have sufficient balance to accept the offer."

Andy Tiller
VP of Product Marketing, AsiaInfo