Veris C3

Operators have a tremendous opportunity to combat declining revenues from traditional services and address the threat/opportunity from Over-The-Top (OTT) players if they can unlock the value of their customer knowledge. This knowledge is much richer than the OTT players can access directly, and operators have realized the potential to create real value with it.

The Veris Convergent Context-awareness Center (C3) is a Big Data appliance, which enables operators to make relevant and personalized marketing offers and timely policy changes to precisely targeted audiences at the ideal moment for each individual customer.  This capability is based on Veris C3's sophisticated Data Behavior Insights and real-time knowledge of each customer’s context.

Veris C3 enables operators to monetize their customer knowledge.  With C3, operators can:

  • Up-sell and cross-sell more effectively to their customers
  • Generate new revenues by adding value to OTT services

Unlike other Big Data analytics solutions, Veris C3 is a Big Data appliance which includes everything packaged in a single box. The box includes hardware, software and databases.

Operators need to be sensitive towards end customers’ concerns about how their personal information is used for marketing purposes. Veris C3 is a subtle tool which ensures that end customers have a good mobile marketing experience:

  • Sends messages to precisely targeted groups – so customers only receive relevant ads
  • Uses context-awareness – so customers get marketing messages only at appropriate times
  • Makes data usage fully transparent to end customers (ie which apps generated which data charges on the bill)
  • As part of the Veris BSS suite, C3 gives the end customer incentives to opt in, and real-time permission-based control through Real-time Self Service

Veris C3 has already been deployed successfully in China, and is now available worldwide. China Mobile is using C3 to trigger real-time promotions based on detailed customer context information.


C3 in action

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"Today’s telecom operators need to be one step ahead of their competitors, and that’s exactly what Veris C3 delivers through its appliance architecture and context aware insights”.   

Yadong Jin,
CTO, AsiaInfo

Context Aware Marketing