Are Telcos Ready and Motivated?

Telecom operators recognize that change is essential if they want to compete in the digital economy, and not get pushed into a corner by Large Internet Players (LIPs) who have built their business models around sophisticated data analytics.  One potential approach for operators to regain the initiative is to use their own data analytics to generate and monetize customer insights in similar ways to the LIPs.  But do operators want to take this path, and are they ready to do it?

AsiaInfo commissioned Analysys Mason to conduct a global operator survey in order to ascertain how operators ranked their own performance against LIPs in terms of their capability for generating and monetizing customer insights.  Operators were asked to complete a quantitative survey, which identified both the organization’s vision for creating new business opportunities based on customer insights, as well as their actual readiness to compete

The collateral published alongside on this page, including the webinar recording, explains the context, methodology and the key findings of this operator survey.





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"The research clearly shows that most operators want to create more value from their customer insights but are constrained by regulation, siloed data and technology issues."

Andy Tiller
VP of Product Marketing, AsiaInfo

Analysys Mason

"The survey very clearly states that telecom are not as advanced as the internet giants in their use of customer data. The gap of at least two years in all likelihood will remain unless there is a considerable shift in the business models with telecoms to warrant the investment that is needed to catch-up"

Justin van der Lande
Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason

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