As telecoms network and IT systems evolve in the type and volume of high-velocity data that they generate, so do the needs of the telco to harness the value of this data to improve customer experience and ultimately maintain customer loyalty and trust.

Veris RTI is a real-time streaming analytics solution from AsiaInfo that enables operators to gain this holistic view on customer activity and service usage, and interact with end customers at exactly the right time based on their current usage context. Veris RTI aggregates and enriches real-time contextual information streamed from both network and BSS event sources to effect customer engagement through preferred delivery channels. 

Veris RTI provides a complete customer engagement solution that comprises of two main components:

Veris C3

Veris C3 is a Big Data appliance that uses advanced Deep Packet Inspection and Stream Computing to processes raw data from the operator’s network(s) in real-time to extract detailed information about each subscriber’s network usage. With these data insights C3 can trigger events e.g. marketing campaigns, at the ideal moment for each customer based on their current context (service accessed, location, device used … ).

Veris CEC

Veris CEC is a Complex Event Processing and engagement orchestration engine that filters and aggregates events from multiple heterogeneous sources, both inside and outside the operator’s domain, to effect right-time customer engagement based on complex business scenarios and multi-system orchestration logic.




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Current Analysis

'AsiaInfo has credibly articulated meaningful use cases related to the specifics of leveraging real-time analytics and intelligence for service billing innovation and targeted marketing campaigns, including meeting the burgeoning market demand for real-time self-service.'

Ron Westfall, Research Director