In recent years Over-The-Top (OTT) players have evolved into a major threat to operators, with their impact spreading throughout the telecoms value chain. However, OTTs also represent a tremendous opportunity for operators to unlock more value from their assets.

Operators possess what many OTT players need: established customer and billing relationships, comprehensive customer behavioral data and advanced, reliable business and operations support systems. Moreover, the OTT market lacks a prevailing business model, and there lies an opportunity for operators to add value to their OTT partners by providing marketing, billing and distribution. In short, the competitive relationship between OTT and operator can be overturned – enabling the operator to be a ‘Capability and Digital Service Provider’, rather than a dumb pipe.

The Veris™ Open Operational Platform (O²P) is a B2B collaboration environment which enables operators to boost revenues by converging their products with those of the OTTs / DSPs (Digital Service Providers), and enables OTTs to benefit from the operator’s advanced back-office IT capabilities. 

O²P fulfils two functions:

  1. An environment for the creation and development of ‘converged’ or ‘mashup’ products, which consist of operator services and IT capabilities (mobile data, QoS, charging...) combined with DSP/OTT services (e.g. music streaming, VoD...).
  2. An API hub for connecting various operator/ DSP IT systems. Approved partners can register APIs both under their own standards and the operator's standards. 

Through this sharing of resources, O²P brings significant value to the operator's OTT partners. It enables OTTs to increase their subscriber base, monetize their services and enhance the value they deliver to their customers. With O²P, operators can:

  • Cross-sell OTT services / content to their existing customers (enabling them to gain a share of that revenue)
  • Up-sell communication services
  • Win new customers through innovative products / plans and offers that include OTT services / content
  • Monetize their IT and network capabilities

According to a recent survey, operators perceive the key benefit of OTT partnerships to be differentiation, not revenues.

With Veris O²P, operators can create competitive advantage from their OTT partnerships by adding more value than their competitors, and being easier to work with – a benefit that cannot be achieved via industry wide initiatives – after all, as collaboration becomes mainstream, the ‘threat’ posed by OTTs rapidly evolves into a threat posed by all players.

The platform has already been successfully implemented in China, and is now available globally. Over 20 OTTs are currently converging their digital services with China Telecom’s communication products across its fixed, mobile and IPTV services. Sharing its network and back-office systems has enabled the operator to add significant value to OTT partnerships and monetize their services at a scale that was not previously possible.

Veris O²P is part of the Veris™ product suite from AsiaInfo and complies with TM Forum’s API Standards.

It was part of a TM Forum Catalyst project which won the 'Greatest Adoption of Frameworx' award at the Digital Disruption event in 2013.


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“This award winning platform can halve the IT cost of OTT partnerships. More importantly, it can secure your long-term position in the digital economy.”   

Dr. Andy Tiller,
VP Marketing, AsiaInfo