Real-time Self Service (RTSS)

Veris has real-time capabilities which give end customers a high degree of personalization and control over their mobile data experience, while at the same time providing operators with new ways to monetize data. We call this Real-time Self Service (RTSS).

Through a fully customizable interface (including web self-care and smartphone app), RTSS uses the real-time convergent charging and policy control capabilities of Veris Billing to deliver a superior customer experience and help monetize mobile data.

For example, RTSS allows customers to transfer resources (eg ‘Skype minutes’, ‘YouTube megabytes’…) to their family and friends; transform resources from one type to another; control their family members’ spend per month or per device; turbo boost specific applications; and define their own postpaid plans and bolt-on packages without creating complexity in the operator's IT systems.

With Veris, operators can also monetize the enhanced customer experience provided by RTSS. For example, with fees for turbo boosts and convenience charges for transferring and transforming resources, RTSS creates a win-win for the operator and the end customer.


RTSS can help Western European operators realize €5 billion, in just 12 months! Click here to find out how


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RTSS - Key Trend of 2014

"The judges were impressed by the fact that AsiaInfo's RTSS solution allows operators to charge for specific applications rather than simply types of traffic. Not only this, but users are able to control certain elements such that they can set their own experience levels for different applications. The fact that they looked into addressing VoLTE, which will soon be hugely important to operators was noteworthy."

Mike Hibberd
Editorial Director,


"If you don’t believe us about how good RTSS is, speak to any leading BSS market analyst – they are all impressed."

Alex Hawker
GM EMEA, AsiaInfo