Veris Experience Store

Retail stores on busy streets and in shopping malls are one of the best ways to expose a mobile operator’s brand. They offer customers the opportunity to touch and feel new devices and try out new apps and other add-on products. However, the potential of the operator-owned retail channel is often not realized in practice. Customers typically have to wait in line for a considerable time before seeing a service agent, and may then have another lengthy dialogue with the agent before getting what they wanted.

AsiaInfo has solved this problem with a unique solution we call Experience Store, which breaks the in-store journey into four separate screen experiences:

  • Upon entering the store, the customer can immediately explore the complete range of phones, offers, content and applications via a touch-screen environment
  • At the second screen, a sales agent captures the customer’s order which transfers automatically from screen 1
  • Payment is taken at the third screen
  • The customer leaves with their new phone (screen 4), already populated with their chosen content and applications.

The Veris Experience Store solution keeps waiting customers constructively engaged and entertained, deterring them from leaving the store before they can be served. Opt-in customers also receive an app which continues the process of helping the customer buy what they need while also making the most of promotional offers.  

This approach enhances customer experience and improves the store’s sales performance.   Furthermore, all customer activity in the store is automatically captured and analyzed by Experience Store’s integrated Business Intelligence engine, leading to real-time upsell recommendations for the sales agents, and actionable insights for follow-up campaigns.


Experience Store video