Veris Dealer-in-a-Box

The dealer network is an important way for mobile network operators to attract and serve customers. Dealers can sell SIM cards, pre-paid top-ups and other products and services for mobile phone users. The closer the dealer is to the customer, the more effective the channel to market.

Setting up and managing dealers can be challenging, often involving a complex hierarchy of relationships and processes, making it especially difficult to engage with smaller dealers. This is unfortunate – smaller partners can be a very effective channel as they are located right where the customers are, such as in local grocery stores or newspaper booths.

AsiaInfo has solved this problem with a Targeted Solution we call Dealer-in-a-Box. 

Key benefits include:

  • Simplifying the complex web of dealer relationships through fully automated processes
  • Motivating dealers to sell more by giving them real-time feedback and incentives
  • Enabling the operator to get closer to its customers by supporting smaller dealers and enabling them to open for business anywhere.

Because it’s a completely mobile solution, dealers are able to set up shop anywhere to capture new business – for example in temporary locations at public events, markets and airports.


Dealer-in-a-Box Video