Veris Billing is a fully convergent telecom billing, real-time charging and policy management system. Its greatest strength is its innovative real-time capabilities which enable pre-paid and post-paid subscribers to be served by a single telecom billing system, and provide great flexibility in pricing and marketing offers without creating IT complexity.

It uniquely enables real-time rating for dynamic subscriber package creation and monetisation offered by Veris CRM. It also supports billing-as-a-service functions to partners and enterprises via Veris O2P.

Veris Billing's modern architecture enables very large scale real-time deployments. Supporting over a billion subscribers in six countries and processing over 6 billion call detail records and over 60 million online transactions daily, our telecom billing system is proven with some of the world's largest operators.

62 million pre- and post-paid subscribers are supported in just one province for China Mobile; and more than 30 million pre-paid subscribers are supported in true real-time on a single system in Pakistan.


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'AsiaInfo has credibly articulated meaningful use cases related to the specifics of leveraging real-time analytics and intelligence for service billing innovation and targeted marketing campaigns, including meeting the burgeoning market demand for real-time self-service.'

Ron Westfall, Research Director