Core Capabilities

Veris Billing includes all the components of a fully convergent billing and charging system, including rating, billing, online and offline charging, policy management, mediation, settlement & interconnect and voucher management.  It offers multi-network convergence across fixed, mobile (2G, 3G and 4G), broadband and IP; multi-service convergence including voice, data, SMS and content; as well as multi-segment convergence of prepaid, postpaid, partner and business sectors.

Veris Billing’s core capabilities are also complemented by a Unified Product Catalog (Veris UPC) that offers a unified product view, ability to personalize offers for individual customers, a versatile product creation environment that greatly reduces time to market, and end-to-end product lifecycle management functionality.

Veris Billing also enables cutting edge capabilities such as Real-time Self-Service which enable operators to thrive in the new digital economy, and provide full support for cloud deployments with multi-tenancy for significant cost efficiencies.


Analyst Report

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Real-time economics

Current Analysis

'AsiaInfo has credibly articulated meaningful use cases related to the specifics of leveraging real-time analytics and intelligence for service billing innovation and targeted marketing campaigns, including meeting the burgeoning market demand for real-time self-service.'

Ron Westfall, Research Director