Core Modules

Veris BI has 5 core modules:

Business Performance Management: delivers strategic insights for executives.  Its dashboard gives a summarized, high level view of the key performance indicators of the operation (with over 600 best-practice KPIs available out-of-the-box), enabling operators to track performance and continuously fine-tune strategy and processes.

Customer Segmentation: enables segmentation based on profiles generated using deep insights about customer behaviors and preferences, thereby improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Products & Offers Performance Optimization: tracks and analyzes all commercially available products and offers, rating their performance based on pre-defined KPIs.  It enables telecom operators to adjust pricing and packaging to turn low performing products into high performing ones.

Price Plan Simulation: predicts consumption or uptake of products based on a statistical analysis of historical records of customer behavior.  Its advanced simulation capabilities provide a view of margin in various scenarios, and enable well-informed price tuning even before launching new products.

Campaign Management & Analytics: provides an end-to-end capability for managing marketing campaigns.  It flags marketing opportunities by identifying the right products for the right customers at the precise moment when they are most likely to buy.  It offers advanced capabilities to not only design and develop highly personalized plans and offerings, but also to sell them effectively across all channels, and to monitor their performance.




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