Business Intelligence solutions come in various forms and flavors, some generic and some specific. 

Veris BI Targeted Solutions address very specific business needs: 

Unprofitable Renewals Management

Unprofitable Renewals Management provides a better view of subscribers who are likely to deliver a negative lifetime value, which allows operators to be smart about the offers they make at the time of renewals. Using a patented ‘Finger Mark’ technique to identify subscribers with great accuracy, the solution is saving one operator in China over $10 million per annum. The solution also allows analysis of dealers' performance on the grounds of profit contribution.

Churn Prediction

Veris BI’s Churn Prediction solution provides predictive capability which enables operators to be proactive in their efforts to stop valuable customers from churning away to competitors. The system accurately identities customers who are likely to churn, enabling the marketing and customer retention teams to take appropriate and timely action. The solution has proven accuracy rates as high as 91% for a South East Asian mobile operator with a reputation for innovative marketing.

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