AsiaInfo Holdings Inc. began operations in Delaware, United States in 1993. The company moved its major operations to China in 1995 and played a significant role in the construction of the national backbones and provincial access networks for China's major national telecom carriers, including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Netcom.

Linkage Technologies International, based in Nanjing, China, was founded in 1997. It was a leading provider of software solutions and IT services for the telecom industry in China. The company developed and implemented Business Support Systems (BSS), Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Business Intelligence Systems (BI) for all three major telecom operators in China.

On July 1, 2010, the two companies merged to form AsiaInfo-Linkage Inc, offering an expanded service portfolio, stronger R&D capacity and complementary customer bases.

International Expansion

Building on this success, we set our sights on the global market, firstly in SouthEast Asia with a regional headquarters in Singapore. We quickly acquired customers in Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia and other countries in the region. We then opened a European regional headquarters in May 2012. Within a year of launching the international version of our Veris™ product suite at Mobile World Congress in February 2013, we announced our first major contract with a European operating group, Telenor. With this achievement, AsiaInfo has “well and truly arrived”[1] in Europe with “the scale to compete, win and deliver”[2].

Privatization & renaming

In order to increase our opportunity to invest in long term innovation, AsiaInfo-Linkage delisted from NASDAQ in January 2014.  A consortium led by CITIC Capital Holdings Limited, including China Broadband Limited and CITIC PE, finalized China’s second largest private equity sponsored privatization in a transaction which valued AsiaInfo-Linkage at approximately USD900 million.

In July 2014, we changed the company name from AsiaInfo-Linkage to AsiaInfo. 

Having cemented our position as a global player, we will continue bringing innovation from Asia and delivering world-class solutions for a growing base of customers around the world.



AsiaInfo at TMW 2013